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California B.T. Collins

B.T. Collins Hot

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B.T. Collins
Location Information
B.T. Collins, Sacramento, California
Main Gate Directions: From Airport: Start out going North on AIRPORT BLVD. 0.2 miles Turn slight Left to stay on AIRPORT BLVD. 1.7 miles Merge onto I-5 S toward SACRAMENTO/YUBA CITY. 9.7 miles Take the exit. 0.4 miles Take the US-50 E exit on the left toward CA-99/FRESNO. 0.4 miles Take the I-80-BR E exit on the left. 0.2 miles Merge onto US-50 E. 5.1 miles Take the HOWE AVE exit toward CA-16/POWER INN RD. 0.4 miles Turn Right onto HOWE AVE. 0.2 miles Turn Left onto FOLSOM BLVD. 0.5 miles Turn slight Right onto JACKSON RD/CA-16. 0.5 miles Turn Right onto FLORIN PERKINS RD. 2.1 miles Turn Right onto OKINAWA ST. 0.3 miles Turn Right onto MIDWAY AVE. 0.1 miles Turn Left onto SANTA CRUZ ST. 0.1 miles

Contact Information

(916) 381-1258
(916) 381-0341
8300 Santa Cruz Street
Building 650
Sacramento, CA 85828

EMail Address
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Lodging Information

Authorized Users
According to DoD 4165.63-M, September 1993 for Temporary Lodging Facilities (TLFs) the following personnel may occupy TLFs.
On a Reservation Basis:
PCS active duty military members and/or their dependents temporarily without permanent housing; PCS DoD civilian personnel with dependents, or dependents alone, outside the Continental United States and temporarily without permanent housing; families, relatives, and guests of hospitalized Service members or their dependents; active and retired military personnel and family members undergoing outpatient treatment at a medical facility, and who must stay overnight in lodging; and official guests of the installation as determined by the installation commander.
On a Space-Available Basis:
PCS DoD civilian personnel with or without dependents in CONUS; TDY Service members and TDY DoD civilian personnel, and UPH is not available; Reserve component personnel on a special tour of active duty or on active duty for training and during periods of scheduled inactive duty training at an installation, and UPH is not available; retired Service members with or without dependents; members of the United States Coast Guard, Public Health Service, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; Service members on leave not incident to PCS, with or without dependents; and relatives and guests of Service members assigned to the installation.
Reservations: (916) 381-1258
Fax: (916) 381-0341
E-Mail Reservations: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Internet Access
Dataport on Phone
Room Rates
Official Room Rate: $43.50 - $49.50 Open Bay: $17.00 Additional Person fee: $5 Accommodations: * Lodging (131 total beds) * 4 Individual Rooms * 21 Two Person Rooms * 19 three man rooms * 1 Open bay(28 beds)
Facilites Available
  • Visiting Quarters
  • Temporary Lodging Facilities

Other Information

Alarm Clock * AM/FM Radio * Cable TV * Coffee Maker * Color TV * Dataport on Phone * Hairdryer * Iron / Ironing Board * Personal Care Items

Army Lodging, B.T. Collins, Sacramento, California

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