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. Italy Mountain View Lodge

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Aviano AB, Italy
Lat/Long Coordinates
46.031, 12.5987
Location Information
Satellite Images with Online Map and Driving Directions Aviano Air Base

1. The A27-SS13 route is 49 miles or 78 kilometers to the Roveredo gate and another 10 km to the 24 hour gate.
2. Toll fee is about 3 euros.
3. Make a right to leave the airport.
4. Proceed about a mile.
5. Make a left at the light towards A27 to Belluno.
6. Enter toll booth, take a ticket and proceed on to A27 toward Belluno.
7. After 41km, exit A27 in Conegliano.
8. Turn right immediately after the toll booth to proceed toward SS13.
9. Go straight at the traffic light and about a half mile after the light turn right on SS13.
10. Proceed to Sacile (16.7KM).
11. Turn left toward Vigonovo at the round dome yellow church (on the right) in Sacile.
12. In Vigonovo turn right toward Roveredo if you’re going to the flight line.
13. Don’t expect to see Aviano signs until you get to the round dome yellow church in Sacile (SS13) if you take this route.

1. The trip from the Airport to the Flight line via A4-A28 is 57 miles or 92 kilometers.
2. Toll fee is about 5 euros.
3. Make a right to leave the airport.
4. Proceed for about a mile.
5. Make a left at the light toward A4 (Trieste/Pordenone).
6. Enter the toll booth, take a ticket and proceed on to A4.
7. Take A4 to A28 (Portogruaro exit about 52 KM-pay toll here).
8. Proceed on A28 for 24 KM.
9. Exit A28 in Porcia.
10. Go through the short tunnel and turn right on SS13.
11. Turn left at the traffic light (AP highway) toward Aviano.
12. A large fire place shop named Palazzetti will be on your right when you turn here.
13. Turn left at the next traffic light Paradiso Restaurant will be on your left as you turn left.
14. After the second traffic light, the flight line 24 hour gate will be on your left hand side.

Contact Information

Flightline Zappala Area
Bldg #1484
(Unit 6122 Box #45)
APO AE 09604-2245
EMail Address
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Lodging Information

Email or Call 39-0434-30-4074 or DSN: 632-4040 Ext. 4504
Pet Policy
Pet friendly TLF's available.
Room Rates
Current Room Rates (FY 10)
Visiting Officer Quarters/Visiting Quarters (VOQ/VQs) $39.00
Visiting Airman Quarters (VAQs) $34.75
Temporary Lodging Facilities (TLFs) $41.50
Large Temporary Lodging Facilities (LTLFs) $52.00
Distinguished VOQ/VQ $48.25
Distinguished VAQs $42.50
Large Distinguished VOQs $53.25
Facilites Available
  • Visiting Officer's Quarters
  • Visiting Airmen's Quarters
  • Temporary Lodging Facilities

Other Information

  • Military transportation to/from airport
  • On base shuttle service
  • Meeting-Conference Room
  • Rental car agency on base - Location: AMC Terminal
Airport Info
AMC Terminal, Aviano AB, Italy - 2 Miles from base
Marco Polo Airport, Venice, Italy - 65 Miles from base
On base quarters are severely limited, Nearest large city - Pordenone ("pour-day-no-nay"), 17 Mi.

Air Force Inns, Mountain View Lodge, Aviano Air Base, Italy


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