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Welcome to the NEW U.S. Military Temporary Lodging Website! PDF Print E-mail

This website is still under construction.We're busy entering the information on military lodging, then we have maps and more features to add to the website. Then we'll start perfecting the information listed. In the meantime, I went ahead and opened the site up for your use. What's already here is fully functional, including the discussion forums. Feel free to create a FREE user account and leave your ratings and reviews of lodging facilities. Check back often and watch us grow!

We're glad you found us! Since my other website on U.S. Military Campgrounds has become highly successful and popular, I thought there would be a need for a similar site with information on U.S. Military Temporary Lodging. While there's other websites that provide the basic information on military lodging, there's NONE that allow guest reviews and ratings. We do! In addition, while researching the information for this site, I discovered the DOD's own websites with this information is outdated.

Our goal is to provide the most CURRENT and COMPLETE information available on our U.S. Military Temporary Lodging. These "hotels" not only provide lodiging to military personnel on orders, whether they are on temporary duty, or changing station, most are also available to other eligible personnel on a "space available" basis. For instance, a retired G.I. may be out traveling and can utilize these "hotels". Combine this benefit with space available travel, and the retired or G.I. on leave has a cost effective vacation.

Your contributions will only make the information on this site more valuable. To help insure we have the most CURRENT and COMPLETE information available, please send us corrections and updates to the information listed. Current photographs of our military lodging is also encouraged. One of the primary reason this site was established was to provide a place to rate and review these lodging locations. More than once, I've heard how utilizing a military lodging facility didn't meet the guests expectations. Your review of your stay will help others get a "realistic" picture of what to expect. We're not here to "market" or "sell" these lodging facilities. Our purpose is to help you, the guest, plan your stay and learn what's available.

Since we've just got started, please send us any suggestions you may have for improvement. In the coming year, we'll be refining and adding to the information provided.

Feel free to create a FREE user account. This will enable all features of the website to you. Only registered users are allowed to write reviews and ratings.