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Navy Policy on "Who can Stay" PDF Print E-mail


Temporary Duty personnel are required to use on-base lodging when directed by their command and are encouraged to use on-base when available. Within each priority, reservations and assignments are made on a first-come, first-serve basis without regard to rate or rank.

  • Priority One (Reservations can be Made Anytime)
    • Military, DoD Civilian or Family Member on TDY orders
    • Contract Personnel with a Letter of Identification (LOI) or official orders
    • Military, DoD Civilian or Family Member on PCS orders (when Navy Lodge is not available)
    • Deployed units eligible for per diem
    • Crews of uninhabitable ships, Midshipmen and Officer Candidates in training
    • Air Mobility Command (when supported by an agreement)
    • Reserve Personnel on IDT, IDTT, AT or ADT status (must be at least 50 miles from home to installation)
    • Foreign Military under the PEP, IMET or FMT program
    • Individuals accommodated for humanitarian reasons when commercial or private lodging is not available and request is approved by the regional or installation commander
    • Individuals on orders who contribute to mission accomplishment or official business

  • Priority Two (SPACE A)
    • Military, Retired Personnel or Family Members (must be at least 18 years old), on leave
    • Personnel on orders/official business from other governmental agencies
    • Guests of the installation, as determined by the region or installation commander
    • Medal of Honor Recipients and 100% Disabled Vets, with proper ID
    • Relative or guest of an active duty member assigned to the installation
    • Relative or guest of an active duty member in a DoD Medical Facility
    • Foreign Military, in the PEP, IMET or FMT program, on leave
    • Reservists residing within a 50 mile radius of assigned installation
    • Space Available passengers awaiting a Military aircraft flight
    • Navy-sponsored youth groups


  • SPACE A Disclaimer: The following policy change is effective immediately; it is designed to reduce regional waiver requests to expand the Space "A" reservation window and maximize occupancy in Navy Gateway Inns & Suites. Lodging may accept and confirm reservations for Priority 2 (Space Available) guests (using the rules outlined in the next paragraph).
    • SPACE A reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance of the arrival date for up to seven-night accommodations, space permitting based on actual and projected occupancy. This changes the current policy of only accepting Space "A" reservations at 1600 day of arrival. Priority 1 customers will not "bump" Priority 2 customers with confirmed reservations, nor will they bump them once they are assigned quarters for a specific period of time, except in times of emergency.