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USAF Lodging Policies and Standards PDF Print E-mail
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Space A Policy

29 October 2008

Space-Available Reservations. Lodging will accept and confirm reservations for Priority 2 (space available) guests according to the guidelines outlined in AFI 34-246 Table 3.1. Priority 1 customers will not “bump” Priority 2 customers with confirmed reservations, nor will they bump them once they are assigned quarters for a specific period of time, except in times of contingency, emergency, or when the installation commander determines higher priorities exist. Installation commanders may establish a policy limiting the number of days space-available guests may stay in on-base lodging to no more than 30 days a year.

If Projected Occupancy is:                           Space-Available Reservations may be accepted:

86% or greater                                                 Up to 3 days in advance
81 to 85%                                                         Up to 7 days in advance
66 to 80%                                                         Up to 14 days in advance
51% to 65%                                                     Up to 30 days in advance
50% or less                                                     Up to 120 days in advance

NOTE: Managers have the option to extend these windows if the opportunity exists based on seasonal occupancy.

Pet Friendly Temporary Lodging Facilities

07 Sep 05

Pets may now be lodged in Temporary Lodging Facilities (TLFs) with their owners. Specific guidelines are as follows: When an installation commander determines there is a valid need to accommodate pets in TLFs, they may designate up to 40 percent of their TLF units as pet friendly.
pdfSmGuest Pet Policy Agreement


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Common Lodging Acronyms

Visiting Quarters
Visiting Officer's Quarters
Visiting Airmen's Quarters
Temporary Lodging Facilities
Distinguished Visitor Officer's Quarters
Distinguished Visitor Airmen's Quarters
Large Distinguished Visitor Officer's Quarters
Large Distinguished Visitor Airmen's Quarters